For Your Best Life Avoid this Shit 

Avoid pessimistic people
Don't apply for jobs you won't like
Don't watch the news 
Avoid social media & drama
Don't bother being normal because trying to be "normal" will kill your energy
Don't assume you know everything, you do not!
Do fewer drugs & alcohol if it drains your energy  

Don't assume your life experiences are a reflection of the wider world 

The world is bigger than your experiences. It's bigger than your neighbourhood, much larger than the people you know, it's more than your city, state and your country. The world is not your opinions. Your opinions have nothing to do with the real world. It's not your emotions and it isn't made up of all the painful, tragic life events you've gone through.
There's much to discover, many very cool people to meet and amazing places to go.



Roadmap top Awesomeness 

Speak with a specialist if you have mental problems - I did, it changed my life!
Take medicine if needed - I do, it changed my life!
Listen to your intuition 
Write out daily, weekly, monthly & annual plans
Fake it till you make it
Hang out with positive people 
Dress to make yourself happy - Dress weird, Be weird
Make friends with smart people 
Listen to and Read motivational books
Save money to quit the job you hate
Turn your passion into a side hustle