Perfume & Living With Purpose

For the longest time I was afraid to follow my inner voice. I listened to my teachers, my managers, my wife, my parents, the news reporter, I listened to everyone except for myself....I wasn't confident in my own decisions. And this was a HUGE mistake.

Perfume says Live With Purpose

Humans have been using scented plants, woods, and resins for at least 6000 years (and likely much longer!) The ancient Mesopotamians burned fragrant woods & resins in their temples. But why, why did they do this?

It's about dreaming aloud 

The Mesopotamians burnt incense in their temples because they believed smoke carried their prayers into the heavens. And the more pleasant, the more valuable and rare the material offered, the more likely their prayers would be answered. The Gods, like humans - love beautiful smell. 

From Buddha to the Holy Bible, Judaism and the Holy Koran, religious texts describe Heaven as an incense filled garden. 

Par - - fum - Through Smoke

Indeed the word "perfume" comes from the Latin phrase "per," meaning "thorough" (the carrier of prayers) and "fumus," meaning "smoke." We burn resins to carry hopes and prayers into the heavens.

Perfumery as transcendental phone line to the heavens, if you will.

But we also dress in scented oils to attractive to other, very imperfect, earthly beings. And we use cologne to express fresh energy, confidence, and optimism at job interviews. So what is perfume, communication device to the heavens or aphrodisiac? Well... to me it's all one and the same.

Whether it's burning frankincense and myrrh, or wearing the latest celebrity fragrance, we use perfume as a vehicle. A tool to send our intentions, our desires and prayers out into the universe. We use fragrances to speak to God as well as lovers.

It usually goes something like this, "Dear universe, dear God, dear Lover, this is with whom I wish to speak, this is what I want to happen and this is who I want to become. We engage and we become whether we wear or burn scent. And in this manner perfume is more than a beautiful smell. Not only does it expresses beauty, but it also urges us to become something more.

Perfume Urges us to Do More Than just Live, it expresses Life With Purpose.