What's the difference between art and beauty? Art is often beautiful, am I right? But it's also something more than beauty. And a mountain can be extremely beautiful, but is it also art? So what exactly is it that art posses that beauty does not? 

What differentiates a birds song from a symphony? Or a gardenia from a perfume? 

I would suggest this; the key difference between art and beauty is that art is meant to communicate ideas. Humans use art a messaging system. Art uses signs, smell, taste and touch as a medium for the exchange of ideas.  

Birds sing to each other but what they're saying isn't any of our business. Roses project scent molecules to communicate with other each other. They do smells nice, but nah, these molecules were never meant for us.  

But story telling, rock music and Shakespeare? This ours. Novels, mosaics, architecture and painting? These are works of visual art and communicate very specific messages. We even use touch as a vehicle for the exchange of ideas. Braille, massage, sex, wrestling and a handshake all express very different and specific meanings. 

Both perfumers and writers have the same goal, and that is to communicate a message. But instead of mark making perfumes "write," with scent molecules.  

Many cultures interpret these materials, as such; 

  • rosemary = antiseptic, medicinal, healing, nursing, clean, cool, refreshing energetic & optimistic. Often seen as "masculine," outgoing and capable.  
  • lavender - bright, relaxing and optimistic, fertile air land & gardening. Seen to posses mostly masculine qualities, but because lavender can be slightly sweet, it also posses feminine qualities as well.  
  • florals - feminine and sexual. Florals are enticing, rich and powerful. They draw the smeller in. Many straight men love the smell of florals on women. 
  • cedarwood - Very masculine, orderly and clean. Capacity of work, he is honest and dependable. Many straight women love cedar wood or cedar wood type materials on men. 
  • sandalwood - Noble, ancient and spiritual, sandalwood has been used for thousands of years in temples all across Asia. Sandalwood reminds the wearer of higher goals, and ideals.
  • leather - hardworking, masculine and dependable. Leather materials smell aged and of the wreath, they communicate the idea that it's wearer has a lot of life experience. 
  • vanilla - mother, food and safety. Vanilla smells like sweet and food, it is warm and reminds the wearer of mother, the fire, the kitchen and safety. It's no co-incidence that many feminine perfumes combine florals with vanilla, this combination is basically a magnet for straight men looking for a mate. 

 From hundreds of materials to choose from my job is to express meaningful, very human stories.