About Packaging


  • All glass bottles are shipped in pine boxes. Why? I was raised on an orchard and my packaging represents the wooden crates we stored apples in. 
  • I wood burn the Meleg logos, by hand, using a hot branding iron.   
  • Each box is secured using a "Sanada-Himo" Japanese string. These are flat, woven cotton cord that dates back a 1000 years. Sanda Himo were used to bind samurai sword handles, which is reflective of the fact that I practiced martial arts in Japan for a decade. 
  • The Logo, 4 diamonds inside a larger circle, is my wife's family crest. Every family in Japan has their own unique crest.
  •  "SI SOMNIA TUM VOCE SOMNIA" Can be found on the back of some of my perfume bottles, and this translates from the Latin, "If you dream, then dream aloud."