The best piece of advice I can offer anyone is to follow their intuition. 

Follow the little voice in your head.

Follow it despite fear, despite doubt, follow it no matter how faint it is.

Your intuition is always right.

How do I know this? My life has gotten much better ever since I stopped listening to other peoples bullshit and started listening to that little voice inside my head. 

Some Background - My Mind Plays Tricks On ME

You see I have something called "PTSD." PTSD means "post traumatic disorder." I'm no doctor, but this is basically what PTSD is. 

  • Something bad happens to you, usually something related to death or violence 
  • It leaves you feeling helpless. You loose trust in people and in your own thoughts. You doubt yourself a lot. 
  • You tend to avoid certain situations  
  • Your brain, like a broken record, obsesses over negative crap again and again and again. 
  • And if you don't have anyone to talk to, your brain can basically obsess over the even so much that it burns itself out. Your brain chemistry and its physical shape is literally changed. 

In my case PTSD tried to destroy my life. PTSD robbed me of confidence, I felt And still do feel) guilty, afraid, ashamed and obsessive. My mind chewed holes into itself and it feels like a never-ending tormenting circle of super negative anxiety inducing thoughts. 

What does my sob story have to do with intuition?

I feel that PTSD is the enemy of optimism and intuition.

Personally, I feel PTSD replaces the "what if," creative, optimistic, playful and adventurous mindset with a "I know theres danger out there and I'm going to do everything I can to avoid it," mindset.  

But finally, after living for 25 years with PTSD I decide to follow my intuition, I decided to go to my local walk in clinic. Why did I do it? Well I came back to Canada from Japan and I was determined not to fail. I needed to find a job in Canada, the problem was I was so scared to go to interviews, so scared to talk to people... that I just had to try SOMETHING to improve my situations. So I went to the local walk in clinic. 

And said to the doctor

"I don't know what's wrong with me, I think I'm crazy. I'm neurotic and paranoid and I feel like I don't have control over my mind. Something bad happened to me when was younger and I know that what I'm obsessing over doesn't make sense and I really hate myself because of this shit" 

Going to the doctor was a turning point for me. It marked the first time I actually followed my intuition in a very long time. 

As luck would have it, the doctor was a former military man. 

He understood me. He knew exactly what I was going through because three of his friends killed themselves because they also had PTSD. And long story short I now take medicine.

This medicine helps me relax, it loosens my obsessive thoughts and gives my mind rest. It's such a relief!

Lessening my mind of obsessive thoughts has done three things:

  1. It's given me the energy to think about other stuff, to focus and engage in creative projects like making perfumes.
  2. It's allowed me to have faith in myself once again. I hate myself less, I am more sociable and can connect better with people. I actually feel much more optimistic now! 
  3. I also no longer plan my days around avoiding people 


The very moment I started listening to my intuition my life got a whole lot better

A year later I quit the job I hated ( I only took it because it allowed me to work alone, at night, away from other people). And I decided to focus full-time on perfumery. Things got even better!

In addition to the above, the perfumes I make are formulated via trial and error. I follow my intuition, I do a lot of experimentation and the universe continues to reward me every time I follow that little, inner voice. In fact my most popular perfumes are always the ones that are most unique and original! 

Please follow your intuition!

  • If you feel extremely anxious or depressed think about taking medicine 
  • Speak with someone you can trust, a doctor or true friend 
  • Marry the man or woman you love
  • Looks for a job you would actually like 
  • Save money, and quit the job you hate
  • Move away from that small town if there are better opportunities elsewhere
  • Start that new hobby 
  • Go talk to that hottie at the end of the bar. You know you want to

Just stop holding back

Stop listening to other people's, good for nothing advice. Nobody knows you better than yourself. If believe in yourself, if you just give yourself a chance the universe will reward you for it!