Some people have discredited as a perfumer because I'm not formally trained. One famous professor suggested I couldn't possibly be a pefume because I didn't study chemistry. Bullshit.

With all due respect they have no idea what they're talking about. See article here:

In my Interview with Montecristo Magazine, "director of McGill University’s office for science and society Joe Schwarcz has long been intrigued by perfumery, not solely due to his chemistry background, but also because of its history and mystery.

“If you really want to become a professional perfumer,” he says, “you need to have a background in chemistry because the synthesis of the components forces a chemical undertaking and there’s a lot more to that than just extracting something from a flower with alcohol.” 

Please. Joel, dear Joel, perfumers aren't the ones that come up with new materials. Organic Chemists are the ones that come up with new materials. 

Perfumers study the materials these chemists design, and we evaluate them. We study them and think about how we can possibly use them. We experiment with them and compose perfume formulas with therm. But we do NOT actually sit in the laboratories and design new chemicals. Wrong. 

Montecristo Magazine goes on to write "Having said that, Schwarcz believes it is possible to teach oneself. “Certainly you can brew up some sort of mix of extracts that has a pleasant smell through trial and error, but a professional perfumer goes through a lot of research and experimentation before they come up with a mix for a perfume.”

Well Joel. I also go through a lot of trial and error and experimentation before coming up with a mix for a pefume. Joel, I don't have to extract things from flowers, I also have access to the same perfume chemicals that the "professional perfumers," do." It sounds to me like Joel is unaware of just how many thousands of professional pefume materials I have access too? 

I'd be happy for Joel or any other doubter to put my nose and skills to the test. Feel free to contact me at


I never studied chemistry and I'm not formal trained in perfumery. But I do have a good nose, and most importantly I'm no stranger to hard work. You see, I'm Slovak Canadian and grew up on my grandmothers farm.

My Grandma came from a Carpathian Mountain border town with The Ukraine (Fuck Putin!) And Anna (grandma) grew up without heating as wood was very hard to come by (landlords would take wood) she also slept on dirt floors. In 1920's Slovakia if you didn't work - you starved. Peasants belonged to the land, and the land and the peasants were owned by the (usually Hungarian, German or Russian) landlords. And if you didn't starve you could freeze, and if you didn't freeze, there was a good chance of getting beaten or thrown off your farm by wealthy land owners.

Growing up in this kind of environment it was grandmas job to watch over her baby brother, but he froze to death and Anna blamed herself. Needless to say my grandmother lived with anxiety, fear and guilt all her life. This is the woman that raised me. 

Grandma managed to escape Communist Eastern Europe and I was raised by her. I slept in her house and managed her farm in Ontario Canada until I was 25. 

My grandmother was the bitchiest, most pessimistic, hardest working, angriest, most depressed, neurotic, loudest and difficult person I ever met. She had relentless energy, slept 3 hours a night and had a very mean, sharp tongue. I never met anyone like her in my life.

I know she loved me, but man, that good woman would drive anyone insane. 

Still, she instilled a stubborn "fuck you" type attitude & incredibly work ethic in me. Most of all she taught me to NEVER feel sorry for myself no matter what. And for this I'm grateful. 


  • If I didn't have the work ethic, I would have never spent hour upon hour memorized hundreds of perfume materials as I worked midnights washing busses. 
  • If I didn't have my peasant drive, I would never had memorized dozens and dozens of formulas after I getting home, exhausted from laying paving stones. 
  • I would have never soured the internet, libraries and internet forums for hundreds and hundreds of hours after having carried rocks and shovelling ditches all day. Not unless I didn't have my Slovak, peasant work ethic.