Artisanship vs Mass Production

Personal Vision VS Mass Production

One of my life's goals is to engage in meaningful work, to become a better artist and perfumer. I constantly immerse myself in the arts, reading, traveling, painting and studying new languages and aesthetics. Each new experience broadens my perspective and enriches my understanding of life, allowing me to bring new dimensions to my fragrances. Fragrances which celebrate beauty and the intricacies found in nature. In this manner, my perfume creation process stand in contrast to mass production, commercial scale scents. 

I do not engage in Mass Production 

Mass production prioritizes efficiency and output above all else. Large perfume companies rely on machinery and automation to produce scent on a grand scale. Their goal? To increase production and reduce costs without little regard for showcasing the creativity and expertise of the perfumer. Rarely do large brands give credit to their perfumers, and this saddens me. 

Thank You for Celebrating Artistry with Meleg Perfumes

In artisanal perfumery, however, the personal touch of the individual artist is celebrated and valued above all else. I am proud to bring my creations to you, to make a living with my hands, to live meaningful work! 

Handcrafted perfumes are superior to mass-produced perfumes:

  1. Quality of ingredients: Handcrafted perfumes often use high-quality, natural ingredients, whereas mass-produced perfumes often use lower-quality, synthetic components to cut costs.
  2. Attention to detail: Artisan perfumers put great care and attention into each step of the perfume-making process, resulting in higher quality and craftsmanship.
  3. Personal touch: Handcrafted perfumes are made by a single individual who has a personal connection to the product and imbues it with their unique artistic vision.
  4. Unique scents: Handcrafted perfumes are often made in small batches, which allows the perfumer to experiment with different ingredients and create unique and one-of-a-kind scents.
  5. Support for local communities: Handcrafted perfumes are often made by independent perfumers who are part of local communities. Purchasing handcrafted perfumes helps to support local economies and preserve traditional crafts.

Support your local farmers, craftspeople and artisans!