Kabuki-Cho is a minut's walk from the East Exit of Shinjuku Station, Tokyo's busiest train station. It's a late night wanderlust of dance clubs and love hotels, host and hostess bars, massage parlours, live music, bath houses, sushi bars, dance clubs, adult centred internet cafes and a batting cage. There's an amazing array of sushi, ramen and BBQ restaurants too. 

Just minutes east of Kabuki-Cho is the Showa-Era (70 years old) Golden Gai bar district. 300 “buildings” (well, shacks really) houses more than one bar each. And the countless alley and staircase leads you to a completely different experience...  

There are jazz bars, R&B, club-dance, classic rock, punk, flamenco, classical music, chess, photography, horse racing and Mexican pro-wrestling themed bars. Actually, there are far more themes than I could ever remember, 300 in fact.  Every possibly theme is here and each bar a completely different experience!

Most bathrooms are tiny, and have red lights are covered in tin foil and stickers. Hostesses wear fishnet leggings and some shiny, purple dominatrix outfits. Mirrored ceiling and crystal chandeliers are the norm in Golden Gai.

My Golden Gai Perfume 

I did my best to recreate the scents and atmosphere of Golden Gai with my pefume.

  • Virginia pipe tobacco tinctured in Chambord Liquor from France
  • Absinthe from the Czech Republic
  • Canadian Club Northern Rye Whiskey 
  • Virginia Tobacco Absolute from Eden Botanicals
  • Canadian cedar wood.
  • Rose absolute.
  • Tonka bean absolute.
  • Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar.

Video of Golden Gai here